“You have everything I want.”

- Everyday customer


“I loved the records. I have the bruises from slamming around my

living room to prove it!”

- Enthusiastic mail†order customer


“That was better than sex.”

- Member of the Oakland band Dead and Gone after a shopping spree


“You look like you just did drugs.”

- Girlfriend of happy customer after shopping


“I could never make my guitar sound like this.”

- Customer listening to live Hendrix record in the store


“Did I tell you how much I love your fucking store?”

- Average guy from East Bay buying CDs


“I hate your store.”

- Another satisfied customer feeling guilty because he spent too much money


“This store is better than I thought it would be.”

- Business man from Corte Madera


“You’ve got some awesome retro shit here.”

- Amici’s pizza courier


“Coming here is always the best part of my day.”

- Regular customer during weekly visit


“I'm on a road trip record shopping in the Western U.S., and this is the best store I've been to. Nobody had as many records from my want list as you, plus I'm walking out with a giant stack of others!”

- Great guy from Idaho